If you’re overweight, there’s one question I’d like you to answer.

Give me just 3 minutes of your time and I’ll ask you … but first I want to give you some context on WHY I’m asking you this question.

A quick explanation of why I popped up on your screen to you about weight loss.

My name is Adam Williams and I’m going to assume if you’re here you are tired of being overweight, out of shape and living a life of general physical discomfort.

About 12 years ago, I was in the same boat as you.

I wasn’t short and pudgy, I was just plain fat. Five foot eight, and about 248 pounds.

I was that guy, who when you saw me on the street, you’d turn to your friends and snicker, or drop your jaw in awe wondering how much I ate to look LIKE THAT.

Worst of all, I was OK with the way I looked. Not because I liked it, but because I felt helpless and like there was NOTHING that I could do.

Until one day … I don’t know exactly what happened, but I was at the mall and the escalator was broken … so I had to take the stairs.

Covered in sweat, panting for air and my heart beating faster than a machine gun.

I looked around for a bench to sit down on, and when I couldn’t find one just plopped myself down on the floor.

I couldn’t believe it … 2 sets of stairs had completely destroyed me physically … this WASN’T the life I wanted to be living.

And it was at that moment I began my somewhat PAINFUL physical transformation.

Painful because it took me more than 4 years to figure out how to actually lose ANY weight at all.

For the first 4 years it was an on and off cycle. I wanted to change myself but I didn’t know how.

So my initial reaction was to try all the quick fix methods you hear about all the time …

I bought into dozens of popular diets, tried gym memberships and even bought a “Bowflex” after seeing a late night commercial.

This cycle continued for 4 years … 4 years of money wasted on trends, fads and personal trainers while my weight CONTINUED to go up.

I thought I was becoming religious about my health, but in retro-spec I realize I was just becoming a victim of marketing hype.

It was only when I decided to disregard ALL conventional knowledge about weight loss, and take matters into my own hands that I began to see results.

I started reading books written by scientists, participating in online forums and building up a REAL database on knowledge.

One built on fundamental science instead of marketing hype.

And over the next 8 years, I lost roughly 83 pounds … and more importantly I’ve kept them off.

but why? How? Well I’ll get into that in a second, but first, that question that I wanted you to answer in the beginning …

Did you know being fat is JUST as easy as being skinny?The only difference is that being fat puts your life at risk, empties your wallet and DESTROYS your confidence in social situations.

If you’re still watching this video, I know one thing and only one thing for certain: YOU have some unwanted pounds.

Fat is UNNECESSARY body mass which is NOT natural to humans.If you’re watching this video you are interested in dropping those pounds, and more importantly, NOT putting any more on.

However, there’s a HUGE problem with trying to lose weight.It’s a problem which continues to GROW waist lines instead of shrinking them.

It’s a problem which even your overpriced diets, pills and exercise routines CAN’T help you avoid.

In fact … it’s a problem that even the BEST personal trainers in the world can’t correct.It’s the problem of misinformation.

Let’s face the facts! As a whole, the human race has NEVER EVER weighed more.You can’t help but ask yourself – why?

Why are humans becoming fatte r?Is it genetics ? Is it our food ? Is it evolution ?

No, no and no! It’s the misinformation and ‘quick fix mindset’ which is sold to us by marketers, mass media and, of course, personal trainers.
Weight loss is a HUGE multi-billion dollar industry.

The truth is that most ‘weight loss techniques’ are designed to KEEP you fat instead of helping you burn it off!

That’s why, before you go any further, I want you to throw away anything you think you might know about losing weight.

By the end of this short 20 minute video, you won’t just know what this problem is … you’ll know EXACTLY how you can avoid it.

Allowing you to stop wasting your money on overpriced pills, diets and trainers who AREN’T just keeping you fat but literally taking YEARS off your life in the process.

You owe it to yourself to take 20 minutes to TRANSFORM both your BODY and your life.

Being fat is NOT fun, natural OR healthy.

Being fat is about more than just how you look. Although that’s a big part of it, of course.

Because whether we like it or not, humans are VERY shallow creatures.

We judge others by how they look … so ask yourself, how are others judging you?

Chances are you’ve been in a situation similar to this…

You step out in public with your friends and can FEEL the eyeballs of strangers staring at your sweat stains, stretched skin marks and body shape which isn’t considered ‘attractive’ by society.

What’s worse is it’s not the kind of feeling you can shake off! First you start to feel a little flustered which develops into a little trickle of sweat until eventually you’re SOAKED in your own sweat.

It’s not just embarrassing.

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to feel confident, sexy and cool when your clothes are stretched out and covered in wet spots.

The worst part is… you try to get people NOT to notice you. So you start to talk less, laugh at their jokes more and cover up your low self-esteem with a BIG fat smile.

Why should YOU hate drawing attention to yourself just because of the way you look?

It’s wrong, distressing and no fun at all! Why should you feel inadequate to talk to members of the opposite sex?

Knowing that YOU could have more to offer, if only you had the body you wanted! 

Being fat is more than just a social catastrophe though… it’s a FINANCIAL burden.

You eat more, you buy more medication and you are more likely to pay EXTREMELY overpriced hospital bills to pay for the negative effects to your health. The worst part is, when you look around, you KNOW there’s no one to blame but yourself.

Today, however, you’re going to get rid of that blame.

By taking action.

You can start transforming your body instantly…and start seeing results as soon as NEXT week.

However it’s not about taking just ANY action. It all comes down to taking the PROPER action.

Like I said before, weight loss is a multi-BILLION dollar industry and there’s more money to be made in keeping people fat than getting them skinny.

What most of us don’t realize is this… being skinny IS NOT harder than being fat.

It simply involves a DIFFERENT lifestyle approach. In fact, a better word for skinny is healthy.

When you have the proper lifestyle approach you are no longer trying to ‘lose weight.

But YOU have to realize that to LOSE that weight … you HAVE to live healthy…otherwise all the overpriced pills, diets and person trainers WON’T help you.

Sure, you’ll see the short term results, but the fat will ALWAYS make its way back because you’re not correcting the CORE problem.

This is the exact type of quick fix mindset or misinformation that is making society progressively fatter.

What’s WORST is with this mindset, it’s impossible to stay focused, motivated or focused on your lifestyle.

Chances are that you’ve been in this boat. You’ve told yourself…

“I’ll do anything it takes to get rid of this weight.”

You went out and bought some multi vitamins, some new running shoes and a gym pass… only to go for a month, see some slight changes and then burn out and go back to your old life.

Feeling depressed about the fact that YOU can’t get the results you want. Blaming things like… not enough time… your circumstances or, of course, genetics.

That’s the REAL problem with the improper mindset. It’s boring, lame, not fun and ends up wasting your TIME, energy and MONEY.

It forces you to blame your failure on the wrong factors.

The truth is if you have the desire to lose fat, all you need is the proper plan. It’s that commonsense information which is PROVEN to work.

Proven not by marketers, but by scientists. Because, let’s face it, what goes on in our bodies is hardly a mystery.

It’s a science.

If you systematically apply this scientific information to your life, you will see results. That’s not a promise or marketing hype… it’s a GUARANTEE!

You probably think to lose weight you have to workout every day, count your calories and WATCH what you eat all the time.

When you think like that, it’s impossible to create the DESIRE to want to lose that weight. Because the sheer thought of all the work you’d have to do OVERWHELMS you.

Forcing you to put it off until later. It seems like a never-ending chore… which you keep avoiding and never seem to get around to doing!

With the proper mindset, however, you’ll realize that it’s not about what you do. It’s about HOW you do it.

The proper mindset is about making your body react naturally. You already know that the body is meant to be fit, strong and LEAN.

Think back thousands of years before modern society and foods.

Humans were lean, mean fighting machines.

Living in the wild, living off nature and REAPING all the rewards it brought.

Not only did we look and feel better, but it came naturally! We didn’t follow any overpriced diets or exercise routines.
Nor did we pop a pill every morning.

There’s absolutely no reason why you have to nowadays either!

All you have to do is apply the principles which kept us healthy back then into your life now! It doesn’t mean counting calories, exercising 7 days a week or hiring a personal trainer.

It means taking the STEPS towards living a healthy and balanced life! Coaching Yourself Thin is your answer to losing weight and living a healthy life.

You’ll discover THE EXACT principles which kept us healthy for thousands of years and, more importantly, how you can apply and implement them into YOUR modern life.

We all know that dieting is hard, and like most people out there, you probably think you’ve tried it all: the fad diets, the “miracle” supplements, the unsustainable hardcore workout regimens – you’ve been there and you’ve done that, but you still haven’t gotten the results you really want and deserve to see.

And your road to true weight loss success starts right here, right now you’re going to learn the real tricks of the weight loss trade, including…

  …the most common dieting mistakes, and how you can avoid them
  …why calorie restriction isn’t the key to long term weight loss success
  …how eating more can actually lead to weighing less
  …and much more!

That’s not all, though – in addition to our amazing weight loss secrets you’ll see the incredible information we’ve packed into Coaching Yourself Thin, you’ll wish you had it in your hands a long time ago. You’ll learn…

  …how to shed pounds of stubborn body fat and keep them off!
  …how to reduce your workout time without reducing results!
  …how to adjust your eating habits to work for you rather than against
    you…without  going hungry!
  …and so much more!

Coaching Yourself Thin is not just any weight loss program – you’ll see real results, real fast, and wonder how you went this long without it! To get your copy, simply click the link below and then continue on to see what we’ve packed into the Coaching Yourself Think Guide. There are 32 chapters jam-packed with knowledge and information you need to succeed – It’s time to stop wasting time and start coaching yourself thin today!

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